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Personal Accountability & Coaching with Doug Bernier

I’m going to be there with you as you go through this journey. We’re going to have regular weekly checkins, where we communicate via text or voice messages. And you can fill me in on your work and your progress. This isn’t meant to be time consuming or difficult. It’s as simple as sending a short text, so that I can help hold you (or your son or daughter) accountable to work toward your goals. Consistency is key. Sometimes 10 minutes a day makes all the difference!

Whenever you have questions, or if you want me to take a look at video of your fielding, all you have to do is submit your video or questions to me directly. I’ll either answer immediately, or if it’s something I’d like to mark up and create a response video, or spend a more time talking about, then I’ll cover it in the weekly call.

The weekly call allows me to work around my busy spring training schedule and still handle a larger number of questions.

If you can’t be there live on the call, I’ll post the recording. Then you can choose to watch the whole call, so you benefit from everyone else’s questions, OR, I’ll timestamp it and you can go directly to the part where I answer your question.

Your Instructor

Doug Bernier
Doug Bernier

Doug Bernier debuted in the Major Leagues in 2008 with the Colorado Rockies, and played professional baseball for 16 years (Rockies, Yankees, Pirates, Twins, & Rangers organizations).

He has played every infield position at the Major League level.

After retiring from playing, Doug began to work for his home team in Denver Colorado, the Colorado Rockies. He spent 2 years as a Pro Scout, and then 2 years as the Major League Game Planning Coordinator.

As of 2022, Doug is now the Minor League Defensive Coordinator for the Colorado Rockies.In 2012, Doug founded Pro Baseball, a platform where MLB and MiLB baseball players and coaches donate their knowledge.

As the Defensive Coordinator, he's tasked with setting the fielding and base running expectations, planning defensive workouts during spring training, and overseeing all infield, outfield and baserunning development, from Rookie ball all the way up to AAA.

Doug lives in Denver, Colorado, with his wife and 3 kids, and currently is a pro scout for the Colorado Rockies.

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