Workout #2- Fine Tuning Blocking, Receiving, & Throwing

Workout #2 - Fine Tuning Blocking, Receiving, and Throwing (scroll down for video)

Drill #1 - Speed Blocking.

We are simulating late reads in the game by having your throwing partner quickly roll the ball. They should be trying to sneak the ball between your legs. 2 rounds; 5 down the center, 5 to the left, 5 to the right in each round. 

Drill #2- Short Hop Receiving.

Keep your receiving hand close between your legs. Your partner should toss short hops and you should try to receive in one continuous upward action. 2 rounds; 5 with the bare hand, 5 with the glove each round. 

Drill #3 - Shortstop Throwing Drill For Catcher.

Work like a shortstop and get the ball as quickly out of your hands as you can, making throws to second base. 2 rounds; start with 5 standing, 5 in a half squat, 5 in a full squat each round. 


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