Low Intensity Skill Routines for Infielders

FOLLOW-ALONG DRILL VIDEOS - You don't need much space or even a partner! Perfect for at-home practice. It only takes minutes a day to develop elite glove work.

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What is this?

Ten Low Intensity Skill Routines WITH FOLLOW-ALONG VIDEOS

(3 in-season routines; 4 off season; 3 Specialty).

With this resource, running through your infield skill workouts will be a breeze. Just grab your gear and hit play! ▶️

You'll follow along with former MN Twins shortstop Doug Bernier as he guides you through the skill routine of your choice.

Why are Low Intensity Skill Routines getting so popular with Major Leaguers?

The MAIN PURPOSE of Low Intensity Skill Routines is that you can do them EVERY Day.

Major Leaguers understand the importance of daily consistency. These routines allow you to get a lot of high-quality reps in a very short amount of time (just a few minutes per day).

And now, YOu can steal this pro strategy.

These 7 routines get you a lot of high-quality reps in a very short amount of time (Three of the routines take less than 2 minutes!)

The goal is to create good habits that will get us where we want to be with our fielding skills.

What are the benefits of Low Intensity Skill Routines?

  1. Develop a consistent catch point - Get ball into throwing hand correctly every time - and then working that over and over and over again.
  2. Being able to handle the last hop; Understand how you should handle it based on how far away it is from your body - AKA Dominate "the 15 inch rectangle"
  3. Focusing when you're starting to mentally tire or its becoming monotonous and being able to still execute
  4. Short amount of time. Doesn't waste your day.
  5. Helps develop daily habits that are absolutely essential if you want to play at the highest level (talent can only take you so far)
  6. The ultimate hand-eye coordination exercise for infielders
  7. Learn your glove! (1) The best way for your glove to be positioned/optimal glove angle (this is much, much more commonly messed up than people realize!), (2) your best eyesight angle... how close your eyes need to be for maximum effectiveness, how relaxed your hands need to be.
  8. Learn optimal hip hinge to allow for more front to back range with your glove hand.
  9. Hyper focus, catch it off index finger every time (aim small, miss small)
  10. Good fielding technique becomes automatic when you get enough reps. This allows you to be more athletic and less mechanical in games.
  11. This is HUGE - We all have this tendency... Our body and mind tend to simplify when you string a lot of reps together, which forces you to take out unnecessary movement (which is a huge cause of mistakes in the field). So we are cleaning up our reps without even thinking about it.

It literally only takes a few minutes a day to get all of these amazing benefits. If you can make this habit stick, you'll be shocked at how skilled and competent your hands and glove work can become --- with just a few minutes per day!

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Your Instructor

Doug Bernier
Doug Bernier

Doug Bernier debuted in the Major Leagues in 2008 with the Colorado Rockies, and played professional baseball for 16 years (Rockies, Yankees, Pirates, Twins, & Rangers organizations).

He has played every infield position at the Major League level.

After retiring from playing, Doug began to work for his home team in Denver Colorado, the Colorado Rockies. He spent 2 years as a Pro Scout, and then 2 years as the Major League Game Planning Coordinator.

As of 2022, Doug is now the Minor League Defensive Coordinator for the Colorado Rockies.In 2012, Doug founded Pro Baseball Insider.com, a platform where MLB and MiLB baseball players and coaches donate their knowledge.

As the Defensive Coordinator, he's tasked with setting the fielding and base running expectations, planning defensive workouts during spring training, and overseeing all infield, outfield and baserunning development, from Rookie ball all the way up to AAA.

Doug lives in Denver, Colorado, with his wife and 3 kids, and currently is a pro scout for the Colorado Rockies.

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