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  Swing Power Booster #3 - Hands

How proper hand load makes you stronger with less effort

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Do THIS for more power and better balance at the plate...

Your hand position during the load and launch directly affect your balance, bat path, strength and power. 

Traditional loading of the hands that push straight back get the hands away from the body which forces you to use the bigger, slower arm muscles.  

Hitting is already difficult, but this poor position creates more upper half tension, a slower swing and a poor rotational direction which makes hitting the pitch away difficult. 

Your timing also has to be perfect because your barrel isn’t working through the hitting zone with maximum length.  

In this video I will show you a small tweak to your hand load that puts you in a stronger, more athletic position.

I will cover:

  • When hands are closer to body you create less upper body tension. Tension free hands and upper body allow for a quicker swing.  
  • Proper hand load makes you stronger with less effort.
  • You can handle any pitch location when your hands are close to body. You present more barrel to the baseball (which is a really good thing). It also helps with bat direction working properly back through the middle. 
  • When you can increase the distance from your back shoulder to your front hip at foot strike, you are increasing the built up tension that is ready to be delivered into the baseball. 

How to properly load the hands

  • Think of gathering with a scap pinch instead of pushing hands back
  • Work behind body instead of towards the umpire.
  • Pull with elbow / hide hands (different terminology for different people, hide the hands from the pitcher helped me)