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  Swing Power Booster #4 - Inside Out

Do THIS for solid contact MORE OFTEN, even if your timing isn't perfect

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  • The drill that 7x All Star and Mariners hitting coach Edgar Martinez recommends to start hitting bombs to opposite field
  • The simple tee drill that Mike Trout uses before games to help his barrel accuracy
  • Five drills to fix pop ups (and turn them into powerful line drives instead)
  • 8 Drills to increase your power at the plate (via better separation, bat path, power output from your legs, and other essential power keys)
  • 7 Drills you can use to identify the cause of troublesome hitting problems
  • The Personal Drill Helper, to identify the perfect drills to address your unique swing challenges
  • The 7 Absolutes of Hitting - This cheatsheet shows the 7 Keys that all great hitters have in common
  • And more!

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