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How to Download the Course App

Here are instructions for getting the app onto your iPhone or iPad.

You can view this course on any smart phone or tablet without the app - just using a browser (such as Internet Explorer, Fire Fox or Chrome). However, if you plan on doing that often... at the baseball field, for example... AND you have an ios device, it may be much easier if you download the app.

  1. On your ios mobile device, go to the app store and search for "Teachable" (Or use this link to take you straight there: )
  2. Download to your mobile device
  3. To Login - See IMPORTANT below for setup instructions. There is a one-time setup required.


For this app to work, you must have a Teachable account linked to your member area. If you don't already have a Teachable account, you can create one here:

4. Next, you need to link accounts. To link your PBI member area with your Teachable Account just follow these steps:

--- 1 - In the upper right corner of your member area, click on the profile image icon, then click Edit Profile

--- 2 - Then look to where it says "Linked accounts" and click the login link beside Teachable. Follow the prompts to login, then you're all set.

Now the phase is finished.

Open the Teachable app and login using the same credentials you created when you signed up for this course (You'll only need to do this once)

After that, you should see "The Confident Infielder" and be able to view all of the course content right through the app!

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