CASA Baseball Club - Off season strength & Agility training

Conditioning Agility Strength and Arm care. Stronger Together - Off Season 2020

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What is CASA Baseball Club?

(CASA = Conditioning, Agility, Strength, & Arm care)

Baseball-specific workouts - Get stronger, faster, and more explosive with functional workouts designed for baseball players

✅ Scientifically crafted by Nate Smock, my former trainer when I was with the Twins and Rangers

✅ Choose your Track > Bodyweight (minimal or zero equipment required) or Weights (if you have access to gym or home gym (If you want to create a home gym, stand by for a special offer on next page).

✅ Daily Workout Videos for you follow along with (4 per week, posted in community group)

✅ Strategically add AGILITY into your strength and conditioning routine

✅ Incorporate ARM HEALTH exercises into your warm ups

✅ Be part of an energized community of baseball players. Better workouts. Better results. More fun. Stronger together!

✅ Do it at home, with minimal equipment, from anywhere in the world

Your Instructor

Doug Bernier
Doug Bernier

Doug Bernier debuted in the Major Leagues in 2008 with the Colorado Rockies, and played professional baseball for 16 years (Rockies, Yankees, Pirates, Twins, & Rangers organizations).

He has played every infield position at the Major League level.

After retiring from playing, Doug began to work for his home team in Denver Colorado, the Colorado Rockies. He spent 2 years as a Pro Scout, and then 2 years as the Major League Game Planning Coordinator.

As of 2022, Doug is now the Minor League Defensive Coordinator for the Colorado Rockies.In 2012, Doug founded Pro Baseball, a platform where MLB and MiLB baseball players and coaches donate their knowledge.

As the Defensive Coordinator, he's tasked with setting the fielding and base running expectations, planning defensive workouts during spring training, and overseeing all infield, outfield and baserunning development, from Rookie ball all the way up to AAA.

Doug lives in Denver, Colorado, with his wife and 3 kids, and currently is a pro scout for the Colorado Rockies.

Course Curriculum

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
Each session is 5 weeks. The important thing to remember is this program is meant to be FLEXIBLE, to fit your schedule. Session 2 - Starts December 7. Week off for Christmas. Ends January 15, 2021 Session 3 - Starts Jan 18. Ends Feb 19. *** And the best part? ⚡️Anyone who sticks around to the end gets to keep all of the recorded sessions *for life*, so essentially you'll have an expertly crafted 15 week baseball strength and agility program that you can use, re-use, build on and modify as many times as you like ...year after year.⚡️
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.
What am I getting?
Instant access to all Session 1 & Bonus Week Workouts (More that 20 expertly-crafted, follow-along strength and agility workouts) Bonus material, including challenges and Tips for How to Run Faster New workouts that progress strategically, posted 4 times per week Access to the Member only Facebook Group



You're invited to join me for a virtual strength & agility workout.

You're at home. I'm at home.

But we can still get stronger together. Just follow along with me on video - any old smart phone, computer or tablet will work.

I'll walk you through correct execution of each movement,

AND we can help keep each other motivated. (I need your help too. Otherwise, I get tempted to skip my workouts!)



You can do the workout from home, or go to a local field.

Who is it for?

  • Baseball or Softball Players
  • Parents

(There's a lot of Father & Son pairs working out at home together. It makes it more fun and competitive that way.)


Any time tomorrow that fits your schedule.

I'll be working out at 9 AM MST, live online.

Then the follow-along workout video is available so that you can do the workout at the time that best fits your schedule.

(Really, even the days are flexible. I post NEW workouts Mon, Tues, Thurs, and Fri. You complete them when you can.)

Just be sure to give me a 👊 or 🤙 or👍 when you're done.

We're in this to get stronger TOGETHER.

What equipment do I need?

No equipment is required.

However, there are a few optional things that are nice to have. I'll be posting those things in the member are.


Here's what current members are saying...

Hi Doug,

I am happy to have made it to the end of this first session of the casa course. This course was exactly what I needed with all my down time this fall. I feel better and stronger now than when I started.
My time for my first plank challenge at the beginning of the course was exactly one minute. My time for the second plank challenge was 1:30. It was a huge improvement. I am hoping to break two minutes by the end of our next session.
I was happy with my pushups as well. On the first challenge, I did thirty. On the challenge I did fifty. I had to push for the last four or five but I made it.

Bring on Monday. I cannot wait to see what you have for us. Nate is a master at what he does with this course. I appreciate him taking the time to make up these courses and you for doing them with us.

- Andrew huston


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If you've not yet joined the CASA Baseball Club...

(CASA stands for Conditioning, Agility, Strength, & Arm care)

...then TODAY is the perfect time to join.

Right now is the start of a brand-new, 5 week session.

Nate Smock (who was one of my trainers back when I played for the Twins and Rangers) has designed this program with all the important stuff in mind...

❇️A scientific approach to increasing strength and explosiveness

❇️Staying healthy while avoiding those pesky plateaus (where you put in the work but don't see much improvement... there is a science to preventing that from happening)

❇️ Exercises that can be done without a gym (I do most at home in my garage, or at a local field)

❇️Gains that will actually translate to BASEBALL (this is not "a beach workout" It's for functional health and performance. It's good for everyone, but it's critical for athletes)

And the best part?

⚡️Anyone who sticks around to the end gets to keep all of the recorded sessions *for life*, so essentially you'll have an expertly crafted 15 week baseball strength and agility program that you can use, re-use, build on and modify as many times as you like

...year after year.⚡️

So if you're interested keeping your body active,

and CRUSHING IT next season...

click below to sign up. See you on the inside

Get started now!