Tuesday - Workout

Dec. 7 - Session 2 / Week 1 / Day 2

Tomorrow we will be outside doing lateral agilities. We will only need 10 yards of space.

Equipment Needed for upper body emphasis day:

Resistance bands for pushups (or you can hammer out more reps if you don't want to use resistance bands)

Pull-up bar, towel to wrap around a sturdy object, resistance band, or suspension trainer for pull-up variation.

Suspension trainer, resistance band, or dumbbell for rows

Towel for towel curl press

I will be going live earlier than normal because I need to help my daughters with a school project with their online learning. I am hoping to get it posted earlier rather than later in the day so it doesn't interfere with your routine. I will go live with the agilities at 7:30 am mountain time. I'll send out a post if anything changes. See you tomorrow.

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